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How bad will the bear market get? Some reason for optimism

Solutions are in process for a number of the problems the market wants to see solved. Markets have sold off precipitously since the start of 2022. Year-to-date, the S&P 500 is down 17%, and the tech-driven Nasdaq is down 26% — both at or beyond a supposed “bear market” (data from S&P Global). In this

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Balancing Behavior: Q4 Letter to Clients

At jhh, investment portfolios tailored to each client’s individual needs is only the first step. Part of our ongoing relationship includes recognizing detrimental biases and coaching our clients against making emotional and harmful decisions based on those biases. Read more HERE.

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Whether for outdoorsmen, environmentalists, or former US Presidents, the conservation easement has offered tax efficiency for many.

While conservation easements have for years been a sensitive topic with the IRS, they remain a tax-efficient tool for those interested in both environmental conservation and deductions when properly administered.  As clients consider taxes in advance of year end, conservation charities may become useful tools. In 2019 two clients each had a question.  One of

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August Market Outlook: Sell in May and Go Away?

Among financial professionals, “Sell in May and Go Away” is a well-known adage. This adage refers to historic market underperformance from May to October. If there is indeed correlation between peak vacation season and market volatility, one would think that the summer of 2021 reopening from COVID-19 lockdowns would be the coup de grâce against

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Speculating vs Gambling

It is important for clients to know the difference between speculation and gambling. When investors speculate, they open positions in packages of assets that are riskier than the market. True speculation involves analysis of a company’s attributes such as rarity, growth potential, product development, etc. If the proper analysis is conducted, investors can enjoy market

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